Everyone farts…nobody cares

Colby Foster
2 min readJan 29, 2018

While running the Miami Marathon this weekend I realized that I could fart freely and no one would know.

Running a marathon gave me a small glimpse of how the world as a whole works.

In life, we are all running our own race. What we are supposed to focus on is putting one foot in front of the other, breathing properly, and crossing the finish line.

During a marathon, we should be enjoying the process and taking in the scenery. We should encourage other people when they are tired and we should receive encouragement from others when we get tired ourselves. Our goal is to cross the finish line. We set out to be better than we started, to push through the pain, to accomplish the mission.

But we don’t always focus on these positive things while running the marathon of life…

Sometimes we occupy ourselves with what other people think. We worry about what we are wearing or if people will notice when we do something wrong. These things are like farting.

In reality, we are all running the race of life and we can fart whenever we feel like it. No one will notice.

Not only will no one notice, even if they did, they wouldn’t care. Because everyone is focused on their own race. Life is hard enough and we are all trying to run our own marathon and cross our own finish line.

We don’t really care when other people fart and no one really cares when we do either.

Our perceived short comings in life get blown away with the wind. They neither leave the world a better place or make it worse. The little nuances we see in ourselves are irrelevant to the world. Getting rid of them, letting them blow away with the wind, and never thinking about them again is the only proper way for us to live and make it through the marathon of life.




Colby Foster

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